Kenapa hny announce2 tak ada yg nongol2 kecuali htc...eom

by Suyandi Liyis » Tue, 20 Oct 2009 20:20:43 GMT

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1. Why doesn't Cursor expose useful and public features of SQLiteCursor?

Looking at the source of SQLiteCursor, there are some features that
seem very useful but aren't exposed via the Cursor interface. Namely,
being able to control the windowing and intialread behaviors seems
very useful but it isn't exposed? Why not? Relevant parts are below.

     *  mMaxRead is the max items that each cursor window reads
     *  default to a very high value
    private int mMaxRead = Integer.MAX_VALUE;
    private int mInitialRead = Integer.MAX_VALUE;
    private int mCursorState = 0;
    private ReentrantLock mLock = null;
    private boolean mPendingData = false;

     *  support for a cursor variant that doesn't always read all
     *  initialRead is the initial number of items that cursor window
     *  if query contains more than this number of items, a thread
will be
     *  created and handle the left over items so that caller can
     *  results as soon as possible
     * @param initialRead initial number of items that cursor read
     * @param maxRead leftover items read at maxRead items per time
     * @hide
    public void setLoadStyle(int initialRead, int maxRead) {
        mMaxRead = maxRead;
        mInitialRead = initialRead;
        mLock = new ReentrantLock(true);


2. [WTA]Google Calendar dan default notification

Hi all,

Mau tanya soal google calendar. Ada gak ya, caranya supaya kita bisa
setting default notification untuk setiap event yang kita buat. Misal,
10 menit sebelum waktunya, ngasih alert lewat notification, dll. Semua
ini tanpa memperdulikan setting dari masing2 event. Ada yang tau nama
aplikasinya (kalau ada)?



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