How hard would it be to make a second language of sorts for the Android?

by Anthony Walker » Wed, 11 Nov 2009 23:02:38 GMT

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 I just started reading up on developing apps for Android and it's
quite confusing as I don't know any Java. So I was thinking how hard
would it be to make a simple point & click Flash application that
modifies your Eclipse workspace files?

For example, in a game, you want your player to go left when you roll
the trackball left.
So in the app maker you click the character,
select on - trackball left
move left at a speed of __

Then it inserts template code into a few files in the workspace to
make that happen, all the variables such as button, speed, direction,
all defined by you.


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Well, so far you've only shown that it's exactly opposite :)

Well, not exactly the opposite... perhaps just 90 in the wrong direction... 


I think this is because I'm using a in some of 
the method signatures of the particular class. If I now try to instantiate 
this class, the framework checks the availability of the classes used inside 
(and in the signatures etc.), tries to load these classes, and in the case 
of the, this does not work. Here is another part 
of a log (with the use of the mBS Mobile OSGi framework instead of the Felix 
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03-24 08:31:05.056: INFO/mBS(243): Cannot load class: 
javax/security/auth/Subject from 
03-24 08:31:05.056: DEBUG/mBS(243): [DalvikClassLoader] Loaded class from boot 
class loader: class
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javax/security/auth/Subject from 
03-24 08:31:05.226: INFO/DEBUG(31): *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** 
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03-24 08:31:05.226: INFO/DEBUG(31):  r0 00000000  r1 450903d0  r2 00011a44  r3 

This log starts with one of my own debug messages saying that the OSGi 
services being registered. Therefore, the appropriate classes must be 
instantiated, among those the class with the in 
some of its method signatures. When the class is about to be instantiated, 
the mBS Mobile framework tries to load the Subject by first trying to load 
it from its own classes (second line of the log). Because the Subject is not 
part of the mBS Mobile, loading this class is delegated to the Dalvik VM, 
which seems to load it (third line). But then, somehow, the error appears, 
the loaded class seems not to be returned to the OSGi framework, and 
everything crashes (lines 4 ff.). I have absolutely no idea, why this 
happens - if I for example just write a bundle which instantiates a Subject 
somewhere in its code and run this bundle in an OSGi framework under Dalvik, 
it works. But in the particular case here, it doesn't... :-(

In the meantime, I created a version of the bundle in which no are used in the method signatures of the 
service (in fact, I just replaced each Subject simply by an 
java.lang.Object...). Instantiating this class (i.e., starting this OSGi 
service) works without problems, but of course this is not the solution for 
my problem, because in this case, it would be a special "Android version" of 
the particular OSGi bundle - and of course we want to use the identical 
bundles under all systems / framework (and furthermore, if the Subject 
cannot be used, some functionality is lost...).

So if anyon hase some more ideas... ;-)



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