Users reporting crashes after upgrade on Android Market

by InC » Thu, 30 Oct 2008 09:11:54 GMT

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 I just upgraded our app after testing it on my phone. However, all the
users are reporting crashes after upgrading to newer versions. I can't
seem to reproduce any crashes. Is there a way to detect what's
happening and a way to debug it.

Any help / pointers appreciated

Users reporting crashes after upgrade on Android Market

by Kipling Inscore » Thu, 30 Oct 2008 12:14:21 GMT

 You can ask your users to
0.1) Download and install Android SDK 1.0 if not already installed
0.2) Set up device for use with adb (install driver or set up udev rule).
1) Reboot the phone.
2) Run your app immediately (or after as few other apps as needed to
reproduce the crash).
3) run "adb -d bugreport > bugreport.txt" (or equivalent for their
system) after it crashes.
4) email bugreport.txt to you.
This will dump a large amount of data, including the exception that
caused the crash (assuming the app crashed from an exception).
It may be easier, given the nature of this process, to provide your
application to other developers to see if they get the same error and
can send you a bug report.
Perhaps there is or should be an easier way to get and run adb for
this purpose, replacing (0.1) with downloading an adb-based Automated
Bug Reporter automating (0.2), (3) and (4)--leaving only (1) and (2)
to the user, which are relatively simple and Automated Bug Reporter
could prompt the user to do.


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