Reg Dec11 Android Update

by karthikr » Fri, 04 Dec 2009 02:00:40 GMT

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 Hi Guys,

Do you have any confirmed new on the expeceted Dec 11 android update?

The following are some of which I have heard,

Release of android OS 2.1

A desktop client to android market

Merchant support and paid application availability in additional

Payment option for android market through carriers.

Which of these do you think will make it, also are there any other
rumors or news...



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2. Download Rom Hero 
rename file ini jadi, copy ke sdCard Magic (pastikan jgn dicopy 
kedalam folder sdCard!)
3. Run cmd, masuk ke directory android sdk\tools (contoh 
4. di Magic, masuk ke setting-Applications-Development, pastiing USB Debugging 
5. Matikan Magic
6. Tekan tombol back dibarengi tombol power, Magic akan masuk Fasboot Mode
7. Colokan Magic ke USB, pastikan Komputer mendeteksi Magic
8. di cmd, ketik fastboot boot recovery-RAv1.2.0H.img (jika ada error artinya 
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10. Gunakan trackball, pilih Nandroid BackUp, biarkan jalan sendiri kalo sdh 
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file Nandroid di sdCard ke komputer (biar aman), then matikan Magic dan masuk 
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12. di cmd, ketik fastboot boot recovery-RAv1.2.0H.img (Magic akan masuk lagi 
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