Capture 3 Mega picture on Android master

by John Cola » Fri, 10 Apr 2009 06:39:35 GMT

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 Hi all
I used the open source master version of 20090225.
I try to capture a 3 mega picture by Camera application, the picture
can be captured successfully but then camera application result
hanging and fail because of application no responding.

The normal behavior should be like this(It is success to test
capturing 320*240 picture)
Preview -> snap shot -> preview and diplay small icon on the left

However, if I change the resolution to 2048*1536 of 3M picture,
following is the abnormal behavior
Preview -> snap shot -> hang and result applicaion no response
Anyone know the reason?

I can browse the captured 3M picture in the gallery successfully, the
picture is correct.



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