Screen flip-out on G1

by Kirk » Wed, 29 Apr 2009 02:08:24 GMT

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 What event in an Activity is called when the screen is flipped out to
expose the keyboard on a G1? I need to save some instance variables,
but it seems like onCreate is being called without onPause, onStop, or
saveInstanceState being called first.

Thanks in advance!

Screen flip-out on G1

by Yusuf T. Mobile » Wed, 29 Apr 2009 06:21:09 GMT

 Normally the activity is destroyed and recreated when Android detects
rotation, unless you specify that you want your activity to handle
events like turning the phone on its side or the keyboard opening.

It's documented here: 
You can read more about rotation here: 

Some tutorials you may come across may be obsolete on one point: there
used to be only the flag keyboardhidden, but Android recently added
hardKeyboardHidden, to handle the case of soft keyboards.

onSaveInstanceState() and onDestroy() should be called before your
activity is killed and revived, I'm not sure why you don't see it.

Yusuf Saib
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Screen flip-out on G1

by Kirk » Thu, 30 Apr 2009 06:00:37 GMT

 Thanks Yusuf,

I'll take a look at those articles, hopefully they will help!



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