Launch android emulator on mingw/msys, but failed

by Hua Xia » Tue, 28 Apr 2009 23:40:01 GMT

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 How to use "emulator -verbose or -debug "? just type "emulator -verbose or
-debug " in shell?

2009/4/27 Raphael <>


Launch android emulator on mingw/msys, but failed

by Hua Xia » Wed, 29 Apr 2009 15:56:01 GMT

 response as below:*

$ emulator -verbose
This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual
Please contact the application's support team for more information.

*the other response below:*

$ emulator -debug init
unknown option '-debug'
Android Emulator usage: emulator [options] [-qemu args]
-system <dir> search system, ramdisk and userdata images in <dir>
-kernel <file> use <file> as the emulated kernel
-ramdisk <file> use <file> as the ramdisk image (default is
-image <file> use <file> as the system image (default is
-nand0 <file> obsolete, same as -image
-data <file> use <file> as the working user data disk image
-nand1 <file> obsolete, same as -data
-sdcard <file> use <file> as the SD card image (default is
-skindir <dir> search skins in <dir>
-skin <skin> select a given skin
-noskin don't use any emulator skin
-wipe-data wipe all data on the user disk image before starting
-netspeed <speed> set maximum network download/upload speeds (see
-netdelay <delay> set network latency emulation
-netfast disable network shaping (i.e. use full speed, no
-verbose enable verbose output
-trace <name> enable code profiling (press F9 to start)
-console enable console shell on current terminal
-debug-kernel send kernel output to the console
-nojni disable JNI checks in the Dalvik runtime
-logcat <logtags> enable logcat output with given tags
-noaudio disable android audio support
-useaudio enabled android audio support (default)
-mic <device or file> device or WAV file for audio input
-flashkeys flash key presses on the device skin
-verbose-keys enable verbose key presses
-raw-keys disable Unicode keyboard reverse-mapping
-radio <device> redirect radio modem interface to a host character
-onion <image> use overlay image over screen
-onion-alpha <percentage> specify onion skin translucency (default 50)
-oldradio enable old VM-based simulated radio
-version display emulater version number
-qemu pass arguments to qemu
-qemu -h display qemu help
-help print this help
The format of network <speed> is one of the following (numbers are
-netspeed gsm GSM/CSD (up: 14.4, down: 14.4)
-netspeed hscsd HSCSD (up: 14.4, down: 43.2)
-netspeed gprs GPRS (up: 40.0, down: 80.0)
-netspeed edge EDGE/EGPRS (up: 118.4, down: 236.8)
-netspeed umts UMTS/3G (up: 128.0, down: 1920.0)
-netspeed hsdpa HSDPA (up: 348.0, down: 14400.0)
-netspeed full no limit (up: 0.0, down: 0.0)
-netspeed <num> select both upload and download speed

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