Adding scrollbars in a Custom View

by Neha » Fri, 05 Mar 2010 18:15:40 GMT

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I am working on adding vertical and horizontal scrollbars in a custom
drawn View. I have overridden the compute*ScrollOffset,
compute*ScrollRange, etc methods and have enabled the scrollbars by
called set*ScrollBarEnabled. However, I do not see the scrollbars in
my View, even after a call to scrollBy, which according to the
documentation calls awakenScrollbars (I assumed awakenScrollbars is
not required as the scrollbars do not auto-fade -
isScrollbarFadingEnabled returns false).
Does anyone have a sample with scrollbars in a custom view which they
can share? Or provide any pointers as to how this should be fixed?

Any help would be appreciated.


Adding scrollbars in a Custom View

by Jonas » Fri, 23 Apr 2010 08:04:53 GMT


Did you get any help with this question, I am having the same problem.
No scroll bars are displayed. I also wish to get the Y position of the
scrollbar and see if it is bigger or smaller than screen width / 2.



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