SAS Workplan Resource @ NY

by Soni Kanth » Mon, 11 Oct 2010 05:31:44 GMT

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Title: SAS Workplan Resource

Location: Long Island, NY

Duration: 3 Months


* Work with HP team to develop a workplan for the development and
delivery of customer segmentation capability using SAS. Segmentation model
will be based on advanced statistical analysis of a customer's viewing

* Resource will also provide as part of the workplan, estimates of
time and resources (including role definitions) required to complete the

* Resource will need to come up to speed quickly on the project and
the data environment in order to gauge level of effort and approach

Building the segmented viewer profile (the work that this resource will be
estimating) will involve:

1) Examining / analyzing existing dimensional data, including demographic
and sociographic data associated with the viewer profile.

1) Examining / analyzing of Set-Top Box (STB) tuning event data with the
viewer profile to derive patterns of viewing behavior.

2) Derivation of additional dimensional attributes for a given viewer
profile based on observed and analyzed patterns of behavior. This may
include, but is not limited to, derived measures, components, etc.

3) Creating the associated models that will be used to score the
appropriate viewer profiles in the Audience Measurement Data Warehouse for
each identified segment.

We want the person doing the estimation to actually have done this sort of
work before. Potentially, this resource will be retained to actually
perform the delivery of these services (ie. as the lead SAS resource).

Resource Requirements:

* Hands-on experience in creating customer segmentation models using
SAS (Statistics and Enterprise Miner) in an extremely large relational
database environment to support marketing and/or advertising business
objectives, preferably in media, communications, financial services

* Proven ability to

o define the business objective

o evaluate and obtain data

o perform exploratory data analysis

o create segmentation models

o test segmentation models

o implement segmentation models

o document and present results to senior-level business and technical

o create plans to execute the above

* In depth knowledge of utilizing behavioral data, attitudinal data,
and customer value data in creating distinct customer segments for marketing

* In depth knowledge of "best-in class" modeling techniques for
customer segmentation, e.g.

o Exploratory Data Analysis

o Cluster Analysis

o C&RT


o Factor Analysis and Principle Components Analysis

o Discriminant Function Analysis

o Neural Nets and other genetic algorithms

o Others

* Similar experience in creating customer behavior predictive models

* Graduate degree in statistics, mathematics, operations research a

* Industry association (e.g., Direct Marketing Association,
Marketing Science Institute) affiliation and activity a plus

* Peer reviewed publication a plus

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                Log.d(TAG, String.format("Intrisic height = %1$d, width = %2$d",
t.getIntrinsicHeight(), t.getIntrinsicWidth()));
                tv.setCompoundDrawablePadding((int)(DPADDING * scale + 0.5f));
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