NJ Court finds Owner-Operator to be Employee for Worker's Compensation Purposes

by Bob Kerns » Thu, 22 Apr 2010 07:34:47 GMT

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 In case anyone was wondering, this is quite as irrelevant as it seems.
No need for others to click the link.


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I have created a media controller to for a media player. But the media
controller disappears after 3 seconds of inactivity and it again
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        MediaController mCntrl = new MediaController(this);
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 I been working on Android for past few weeks , I have progressed
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 I have checked "cat /dev/input/event1" I get some junk info whenever
I touch screen which proves something is working around the driver,
off late I have seen mail listing on android and issues with
touchscreen, which mentions using of "TSLIB" for android file system.

 Can u provide me some inputs on following issues;

(a) How to "statically"  compile and integrate "TSLIB" to android
filesystem, this would be a great help as far I have seen on mailing
list most of them have failed to compile it statically!

(b) I would like to know if any patch or modification needs to be done
to "mxc_ts.c" file in  "../drivers/input/touchscreen/"
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