NJ Court finds Owner-Operator to be Employee for Worker's Compensation Purposes

by Bob Kerns » Thu, 22 Apr 2010 07:34:47 GMT

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 In case anyone was wondering, this is quite as irrelevant as it seems.
No need for others to click the link.


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1. opencore in donut

Hi,It is said that opencore v2.x is under test along with donut branch.
Though right now we are spending most efforts on cupcake release with
opencore v1.0, I want to know whether there will be a time line around which
we may get to know if v2.x will eventually be used in donut.
We did some experiment jobs on v2.x. And according to the notes, there are
many bug fix and improvements, but for developers and vendors, my personal
understanding is that it is still high risk for us to put more efforts on
this version before we are finally informed of the donut decision.
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Android uses a different way than the traditional desktop operating
system to store data - through the content provider, and Android does
not provide a built-in file manager. But there is still a demand on
file manager on Android device, for example, deleting files on the SD
card to free space, etc.

While trying to develop a file manager, we do find that deleting files
from the file manager may break some applications data integrity, for
example, for the media files(audio/video), besides the media file in
the file system, Android media provider also record some meta-data in
the media provider database, deleting the file from the file system
will not automatically update the records in the media database, the
consequence is that the user can still see the content in the music or
gallery application though the file associated with it has already
been removed. One possible solution would be to broadcast the message
and let the appropriate application, for example, the media scanner,
to update the database, or another way - let the file manager call
media content provider interface to delete the content.

We are wondering whether it is a correct decision to develop a file
manager for an Android device from the software architecture point of
view. Anything to care about from the security perspective? How about
if we limit the access only to the SD card?


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