Micro payments in Android as standard

by vipin . fss » Fri, 18 Apr 2008 12:40:24 GMT

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 heck out this


On Mar 17, 9:55 am, YA <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Micro payments in Android as standard

by vipin . fss » Fri, 18 Apr 2008 12:40:48 GMT

 hek out this


On Mar 17, 9:55 am, YA <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

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1. What's the trick to making ProximityAlerts work?

ProximityRadius *is* big.  I think I was using 1500 meters in the field test
today.  The "10 feet" I mentioned below was the minimum distance to travel
before doing an location update. And I mean "10 meters".

I beginning to think my mental model is all wrong.  I thought I could
blindly throw intents out to the Android and it would fire off PAs back at
me.  Which intent belonged to which latlong was my problem to figure out.
I'm now thinking I need to keep each PA intent in a global data
structure^W^W^Winstance variable and carry them around with me and run an
RequestUpdate on each one. :-?

Is there someway for me to monitor myLocationManager to see when he fires
off a PA?


Faber Fedor
Linux New Jersey


2. What's the trick to making ProximityAlerts work?

I think I'm doing everything right wrt ProximityAlerts but I only get
notified in about 1 in a 100 times.

When I switch to Map Mode in my app, I gt a list of locations, map them and
send each one as a ProximityAlert via this code:

                  Intent intent = new Intent(TYW_PROXIMITY_ALERT);
                  PendingIntent proximityIntent =
PendingIntent.getBroadcast(MainMap.this, 1000, intent, 0) ;
                  myLocationManager.addProximityAlert(dLat, dLong,
proximityRadius, 100000000, proximityIntent);
                  Log.i(TAG, "Added ProximityIntent for" + ""+dLat +","+

I have an IntentReceiver setup like this:

   public class ProximityIntentReceiver extends BroadcastReceiver {

        public void onReceive (Context context, Intent intent) {

            String intentAction = intent.getAction();
           // stuff about {*filter*}s and Notifications elided

I set up an IntentFilter programmatically:

    private void setIntentFilters() {
        IntentFilter proxFilter = new IntentFilter(TYW_PROXIMITY_ALERT);
        registerReceiver(new ProximityIntentReceiver(), proxFilter);

which I call in onCreate().

I've set the minimum distance/time to check for updates to be ridiculously
low (10 feet, 5 secs, 0 for each, etc.).

I assumed I didn't actually have to move to see a ProximityAlert fired but
maybe I do, so today I set up three PAs and walked right past the
locations.  The GPS followed right along but I never got a Notification.

What's the magic to get it to work?  Or does it work in some manner I don't
yet grok?


Faber Fedor
Linux New Jersey


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