Minimum Linux Kernel Version required for Android porting

by Ashwin Bihari » Tue, 25 May 2010 22:17:50 GMT

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 You can use ANY Kernel version to get Android up and running, but
you'd have to bring in all the Android-specific code for the Kernel
into it first..the problem is that Cupcake (Android 1.5) was based on
2.6.27, Donut was 2.6.29 and Eclair is 2.6.29/32 and FroYo is 2.6.32..

So you'd have to go back to the 2.6.27 tree, figure out what are the
Android-specific changes and then port those changes back to 2.6.18,
not a simple feat by any stretch of the imagination.

You'd be MUCH better served to use one of the Kernels that Android
already has support for and then bring in your BSP into that tree..

-- Ashwin


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