manipulating markets popularity! - why should i develop app for android

by Justin Allen Jaynes » Sun, 08 Mar 2009 08:26:34 GMT

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  am not a moderator, and I recently publicly apologized for repeating 
this information (in another thread). However, your discussion is
technically off topic.

Inderjeet Singh wrote:


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1. why is my app asking to access phone calls and storage?

These are new permissions added to 1.6.  If an application is targeting
anything below API 4 (1.6), they will automatically be requested because in
1.5 and lower there was no restriction on these operations.  As of 1.6 these
permissions were added, and if you target API 4 or later you need to
explicitly request the permission in your manifest to be granted it.


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Is there any way where I can detect that the screen is about to turn
off, so I can do some work *before* it happens?

I need this to work around bug 3755: OpenGL apps sometimes crash when
the screen gets turned off because they don't get
surfaceDestroyed()/surfaceCreated() events.

Simply put, I need to shut down OpenGL before the phone has a chance to
detach the GPU. The only events I seems to be getting when the screen
turns off are onPause() and onWindowFocusChanged()... both of which turn
up *after* the GPU detaches, by which time it's too late.

Can anyone suggest any way of doing this?

(In desperation, I have tried to intercept the power key, but the
power/hangup key is treated specially and doesn't generate keyboard

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