Using new sdk methods on devices running older sdks?

by Mark Wyszomierski » Tue, 22 Dec 2009 01:27:52 GMT

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I'm using the level 5 sdk to compile my app, but set my target to sdk
level 3 in my manifest. All is fine.

I may need to use some level 5 classes (ExifInterface) though. What's
the right way to go about using them while not fouling things up for
devices running older sdk versions? Do we simply restrict use of the
newer API methods to completely separate class files? Something like

  class Test
      public boolean sdkDependentItem() {
          if (Build.VERSION.SDK.equals("5")) {
              return (new sdk5()).getItem();
          else {
              return (new sdk3and4()).getItem();

  class sdk5 {
      public boolean getItem() {
          // can use sdk level 5 apis in here ok.

  class sdk3and4 {
      public boolean getItem() {
          // can use sdk level 3 and 4 apis in here ok.

so as long as the api methods are completely separated into files that
the older devices won't invoke, we should be ok?



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