How to compile a kernel module to And roid Linux Kernel 锛

by Qiang Wang » Fri, 04 Sep 2009 19:27:03 GMT

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There is something wrong with the configure file.
You should check if you are use the arm compiler and configure file.

best regards

2009/8/20 rk <>:



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Hi all,

Building with:
    [setup] Android SDK Tools Revision 6
    [setup] Project Target: Google APIs
    [setup] Vendor: Google Inc.
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    [setup] API level: 8,

The documentation says that direction should be one of:  FOCUS_UP,

The doc says that FOCUS_FORWARD is a value to be used with 'focusSearch(int)'.

And from here:

The doc says that direction should be one of: FOCUS_UP, FOCUS_DOWN,

I needed to extend Gallery as it seems to manage absolutly BAD the
focus on the selected view. When I was overriding:

'onRequestFocusInDescendants(int direction, Rect  previouslyFocusedRect)'

I made a debug to see which value was 'direction'. It was 2
(FOCUS_FORWARD). I was NOT calling requestFocus(int, Rect), so the
view system was. After that, I made a 'focusSearch(FOCUS_FORWARD)'
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Best regards,
If you want freedom, compile the source.

Sebastin Treu


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Uri outputUri = Uri.fromFile( file );

Intent intent = new
Intent(android.provider.MediaStore.ACTION_IMAGE_CAPTURE );
Intent.putExtra( MediaStore.EXTRA_OUTPUT, outputUri );

This works perfectly on my Motorola Droid. Images are saved 2592x1936.
However, when tested on the Motorola Milestone, the images are saved
at much smaller sizes such as 320x240 and 1280 x 1900.

It seems like there is some default setting on the Milestone causing
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