using an intent to react when an sms is sent?

by phlogi phlog » Sat, 27 Dec 2008 18:30:16 GMT

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 Hi there

I'm planning to write some code that allows to send sms over a http service.

So basically I need to achieve that the current messaging application calls
function from my class of my appliction. Then I need to get the text and
establish a connection and so on. Furthermore I need to be able to exit my
if there is no internet connection - in such a case the sms should be sent
using the normal method.

For me developing on android is totally new. (I'm now at ex2 of the notepad
tutorial, and read the basic docs).

So how can I do what I would like to? Maybe someone can help me with the
basics: Lets say that a popUp is generated when an sms is sent. Will I use
Indent on the method of sendTextMessage ?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Cyrill Helg


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