error: killing <myApp> because provider is dying

by r3 » Mon, 07 Sep 2009 23:12:01 GMT

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when i run my application for long time then my applicatiojn gets

i always get the same logs which are attached with this post.

kindly help me out...

Thanks & Regrads,


I/ActivityManager(  587): Start proc for content
provider pid=2732 uid=10018 gids=
I/jdwp    ( 2732): received file descriptor 20 from ADB
I/ActivityThread( 2732): Publishing provider browser:
I/ActivityThread( 2483): Removing dead content provider: browser
I/ActivityManager(  587): Process (pid 2732) has
I/ActivityManager(  587): Killing <myApp> (pid 2483) because provider is in dying process
I/Process (  587): Sending signal. PID: 2483 SIG: 9
I/ActivityManager(  587): Low Memory: No more background processes.
D/dalvikvm(  587): GC freed 1516 objects / 56120 bytes in 877ms
I/WindowManager(  587): WIN DEATH: Window{43746410 <myApp activity>
D/dalvikvm(  719): GC freed 11 objects / 360 bytes in 1103ms
D/dalvikvm(  671): GC freed 136 objects / 7456 bytes in 1223ms
D/dalvikvm( 2722): GC freed 835 objects / 55600 bytes in 1152ms
D/dalvikvm( 2463): GC freed 7 objects / 240 bytes in 1339ms
I/ActivityManager(  587): Start proc for content
provider pid=2745 uid=10018 gids=
I/ActivityManager(  587): Process <myApp> has died (pid 2483) has died.

error: killing <myApp> because provider is dying

by Mark Murphy » Mon, 07 Sep 2009 23:29:06 GMT



Something on your device or emulator is leaking memory. Eventually,
Android has to start killing things off to free up memory, and
eventually that causes to be killed,
which kills your application.

Use DDMS to identify what application is leaking memory. If it is yours,
fix the leak.

Mark Murphy (a Commons Guy)  | 

Android Training in Germany, 18-22 January 2010: 


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error: killing <myApp> because provider is dying

by r3 » Tue, 08 Sep 2009 15:01:25 GMT

 Hi Mark,

thanks for your reply. i will act upon ur advice and get back to u
people soon.


error: killing <myApp> because provider is dying

by r3 » Tue, 08 Sep 2009 15:03:33 GMT

 Hi Dianne,

Thanks for reply...
i will check this.


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