player driver configuration

by George C » Fri, 28 May 2010 04:44:03 GMT

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in the playerdriver.cpp  the  PlayerDriver::setupHttpStreamPre()

has the following sequence of code:

mDownloadConfigFilename = _STRLIT_WCHAR("/tmp/http-stream-cfg");

 mDownloadFilename = NULL;

 mDownloadProxy = _STRLIT_CHAR("");

mDownloadContextData->DownloadHTTPData()->iMaxFileSize = 0xFFFFFFFF;

mDownloadContextData->DownloadHTTPData()->iPlaybackControl =

Questions: are these options changeable?
If I want to have a local file download and then played ie.
EAfterDownload do I need to change these options and specify the name
of the file here or is any other way to do it without changing the
player driver code ?




player driver configuration

by RaviY » Wed, 02 Jun 2010 08:24:28 GMT

 That is right. You have to change the settings in here.



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