mp3 files <=0.34 secs not playing on Droid X using MediaPlayer

by Mark Carter » Sat, 17 Jul 2010 01:14:55 GMT

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 Getting reports that mp3 files <= 0.34 secs in length, are not played
(or, at least, inaudible) on the Droid X.  Works fine on other devices
I've tried (e.g. Nexus One, Hero, G1)

All files longer than 0.34 secs are working fine. I've tested this
with about 100 files (mixture of short and long) and the correlation
is 100%.

Has anyone else experienced this?


mp3 files <=0.34 secs not playing on Droid X using MediaPlayer

by Mark Carter » Sat, 17 Jul 2010 01:18:25 GMT

 Should also mention the file format:

44100Hz, 64kbps, mono


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mp3 files <=0.34 secs not playing on Droid X using MediaPlayer

by Mark Carter » Sat, 17 Jul 2010 01:42:19 GMT

 Comparing the logs of a file that plays and one that doesn't play.
Well, they are the same except the one that does play has these
additional entries:

D/AudioHardwareMot( 7494): AudioStreamOut::wake: disabling SRC
D/AudioHardwareMot( 7494): Output 0x11c48 exiting standby
D/OMX_MP3 ( 7494): MP3DEC_HandleUSNError():3548
E/ProfileVideoFrameDrops( 7494): PVMediaOutputNodePort :: Early 0
frames :: OnTime 0 frames :: Late 0 frames :: Total 9 frames
E/ProfileVideoFrameDrops( 7494): PVMediaOutputNodePort :: Early
0.000000 % :: OnTime 5245.171875 % :: Late -0.000000 %

So, it appears not even an attempt is made to play the shorter file
(but no error message is given) and the log simply reads:

D/        ( 7494): sourceURL is /sdcard/veryshort.mp3
D/        ( 7494): PVMFCPMMotPlugInOMA1:SetSourceInitializationData
MOT_SVC_drm_openSession not oma drm file
D/TIOMX_CORE( 7494): Found component OMX.TI.MP3.decode with refCount 0
D/OMX_MP3 ( 7494): OMX_ComponentInit():216 Entering OMX_ComponentInit
W/MediaPlayer(20385): info/warning (1, 44)
I/MediaPlayer(20385): Info (1,44)
D/        ( 7494): enter SharedLibraryLookup
D/        ( 7494): enter GetFactoryAndMimeString
D/OMX_MP3 ( 7494): MP3DEC_LCML_Callback():2585 stop ack. received.
stop waiting for sending disable command completed
D/TIOMX_CORE( 7494): Found matching pHandle(0xc24e0) at index 5 with
refCount 1


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