RFC compliance

by Future » Tue, 14 Apr 2009 06:14:32 GMT

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 Hello the experts,
Is there anywhere I could find out if/how RFCs are supported by
current Android kernel?
e.g, per RFC 2582 , how the TCP receiving window size is configured?



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1. Sip Communicator

Hello all.
This is my first post in this group.

I'm starting android development and in my first project I need to
make Sip Communicator running on Android.

Searching Googlle I found a sc-android project.

Does anybody here have been any experience with Sip Communicator and
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2. Double lifecycle sequence from landscape to portrait

Remark: posted a question to
RSVP there. Thank you

Hi everybody

I'm monitoring an Activity lifecycle to learn more on it, so I put a
Log.d()call in almost every method of the cycle.

I'm watching particularly the sequence:

[A]onSaveInstanceState() - onPause() - onStop() - onDestroy() -
onStart() - [B]onRestoreInstanceState()


Switching a 2.2 Froyo emulator with Ctrl-F11 from *portrait to landscape* I
can see *one* round from [A] to [B].

What is strange to me is that switching back *from landscape to portrait* I
can see *two* round from [A] to [B].

onSaveInstanceState() - onPause() - onStop() - onDestroy() - onStart()
- onRestoreInstanceState()

onSaveInstanceState() - onPause() - onStop() - onDestroy() - onStart()
- onRestoreInstanceState()

This is creating me lots of issues in saving/restoring the activity state.
Using a 2.3.3 Gingerbread emulator the sequence runs only once. But 2.3.3
emulator has a known bug that prevents it from rotating correctly!

StackOverflow user @Reflog told me that
"Rotation in emulator is different from Accelerator rotation. It actually
simulates an open-keyboard. These are two different events, which cause two
different lify-cycle flows."

According to Using the Android
exist only Ctrl-F11/F12 to "Swith to previous/next layout
Is it not an Accelerator rotation key? How can be it emulated?
What are this "different lifecycle" flows?

Thank you
Giorgio Vespucci
giorgio [dot] vespucci [at] gmail [dot] com
Skype, Twitter, Slideshare: gvespucci


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