Filter out contacts from contacts pick list || option to create new contact from pick list

by Riyaz » Wed, 19 Aug 2009 18:54:09 GMT

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 My application wants a functionality of picking a contact from the
phone contact, I have achieved this using the following intent

Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_PICK, People.CONTENT_URI);
startActivityForResult(intent, 001);

I wanted few more functionalities

- An option to create a new contact from the pick list, similar to the
one which is available in inbuilt Launcher appliation

- Set of contacts should be filtered from display i.e already selected
contacts should not be displayed

- Filtering of contacts should be based on the phone number i.e a
contact might have two phone numbers associated with and wants to
filter out the phone number which is selected

I guess above can be achieved by implementing my own pick list using
contacts provider, is there any other way without implementing the new
pick list


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