Matching SDK version to code? NPE Bug in WebView?

by Mariano Kamp » Sun, 15 Mar 2009 18:49:47 GMT

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   I wrote an app that, among other things,  renders feed articles  
using WebView. Now I get error reports that seem to originate in  

-- NewsRob Version: 1.7.0/170
-- Android Version: sdk=2, release=1.1, inc=128600
-- Thread State: RUNNABLE
-- Stacktrace:
at android.webkit.CacheManager$

   I've got another report with the same content, but a different  
incremental version of the sdk (126986). Probably one from the US and  
one from the UK.

   So now I would love to know why the code blows up and if there is  
anything I can do about it. And with the source files and line numbers  
I felt in good shape to so. If only I could match them to the public  
code repositories ;-(

   Finding the file was easy: ;a=tree;f=core/java/android/webkit;h=a133d1c04dede353611f23bc37d04a9ff7316b8d;hb=HEAD

   But then "history" returns the following: ;a=history;f=core/java/android/webkit/;h=d12940d04f41e3f4450da79738714a6a8c7739e6;hb=HEAD
2008-12-18      The Android Open...     Code drop from //branches/ 
2008-10-21      The Android Open...     Initial Contribution android-1.0        

   None of these seem to simply match the version information returned  
by Build.VERSION.

   Furthermore none of these seem to match the line no from the  
stracktrace. It says method "run" in In both  
versions line 391 is not in a run method ;-(

   So, how to match stacktraces to code?



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