Can a native application use java methods in TelephonyManager using getSystemService()

by Roman ( T-Mobile USA) » Fri, 18 Sep 2009 05:02:51 GMT

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 JNI is bi-directional. You can alsoo call Java methods from native

I haven't tried this on the Android platform but I assume that it
works fine.

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private String getHello() throws IOException {

                URL url= new 

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09-29 15:26:22.332: WARN/System.err(231):
Does not support output
09-29 15:26:22.412: WARN/System.err(231):     at
09-29 15:26:22.433: WARN/System.err(231):     at
09-29 15:26:22.453: WARN/System.err(231):     at
09-29 15:26:22.463: WARN/System.err(231):     at
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09-29 15:26:22.493: WARN/System.err(231):     at
09-29 15:26:22.514: WARN/System.err(231):     at$1800(
09-29 15:26:22.522: WARN/System.err(231):     at$H.handleMessage(
09-29 15:26:22.532: WARN/System.err(231):     at
09-29 15:26:22.542: WARN/System.err(231):     at
09-29 15:26:22.542: WARN/System.err(231):     at
09-29 15:26:22.553: WARN/System.err(231):     at
java.lang.reflect.Method.invokeNative(Native Method)
09-29 15:26:22.562: WARN/System.err(231):     at
09-29 15:26:22.573: WARN/System.err(231):     at
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