Uploading and downloadingdata to a directory on a server.

by bigauto » Fri, 13 Mar 2009 10:25:01 GMT

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 Hi, I was wondering if there is a simple way to upload and download
data to and from a directory in a server. If I have load and download
from a directory at  http://server.com/filedir , How should I go about
sending the data to a server and giving it a name so that I could
download the same data later? I wrote a method before with java that
saves an arraylist to and from my own pc like this

String filename = "userlist.dat";
                String directory = "dat";

                FileOutputStream fos = null;
                ObjectOutputStream out = null;

                try {
                        fos = new 
                        out = new ObjectOutputStream(fos);
                        out.writeObject(userlist); /////The arrayList 
(userlist) I wanted
to save
                catch(IOException ex){
                        System.out.println("saving list error");

I was wondering if there is a similar method as that.

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