OMX component Integration was success, but poor sound quality.

by guru » Mon, 15 Feb 2010 17:38:57 GMT

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 Hi Ravi

Thanks for all your support/guidence. I am able to integrate AAC
decoder successfully to opencore. But when I play aac file, sound
quality is not clear.

I added some logs and after analyzing the logs, I guess some of the
frames might be skipped.In the function EmptyThisBuffer I am
maintaining a frame count (it's a static variable), once the main
thread sends the buffer contents to the component thread for decoding
I am increamenting the count and printing it.But the strange thing is
in the logs I am not getting the the frame count sequential, it's
random, not able to find out the reason.

What may be the reason? Is there any problem the way I am handling the
frames that PV is sending?.

Gururaja B O


OMX component Integration was success, but poor sound quality.

by RaviY » Mon, 15 Feb 2010 22:29:42 GMT


It's hard for me to guess. You might just want to add logging in all
places where you are consuming the buffer. Make sure that you are not
overwriting any input buffer.



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