Setting size of image in Gallery widget from xml

by Open » Sat, 17 Apr 2010 07:42:57 GMT

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 Hi Paul-

I've been looking for an answer to this too.  Did you find one?



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1. Piracy protection idea

I am no security expert and have not thought this out all the way, but
could a workable solution to the pirating problem be something like

1. The market clients (like Google Market, AndAppStore, SlideME) could
record on their servers some kind of identifier about who bought the
app and perhaps what Android device it was bought for. They already
capture the who information.

2. Android apps that care can, on first launch, ask the user about
their identifier and what service they bought the app from.

3. The app, or the servers that support the app, can query, via http,
the market client service to ask did so-and-so get this app from you?

4. If an affirmative response can be had then the app is not pirated.
Otherwise the app is pirated

Google Market, AndAppStore, SlideME, etcwill need to make such a
service available, via http.

It would be straight-forward to generate a list of installed market
clients for the user to select from. The market clients may even be
able to supply the user identification so user does not need to enter

The application could retrieve from its servers the list of market
clients is believes are legitimate in order to prevent the bogus
clients from spoofing it.

If you installed an app w/out a market client and the app did not
intend for such an installation to happen, like on rooted phones using
adb, then the app is pirated.

And finally, could this process be invisible to the user and just
involve communication between the app and installed market clients and
the market clients servers and the apps servers?


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