New to the group and VoteReport app

by Nathan Freitas » Thu, 30 Oct 2008 16:36:12 GMT

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 Hi there. I am new to this group, and proud to say I just built my
first Android app in about 10 hours... including uploading it for
release in the Market! Fortunately, it is a fairly simple application
and I am not crazy, just working against the deadline of November 4th.
More on this...

I am part of a group working something called
(also known as ) Twitter Vote Report is an all-
volunteer network of software developers, designers, and other
collaborators have teamed up with the award-winning blog techPresident
to launch this effort. The only resources contributed to this project
are the participantstime and expertise! Using Twitter Vote Report,
voters will be able to share their experiences and resources with one
another to solve problems quickly (e.g. on come now, the line is
too long. These messages will then be aggregated and mapped so that
we can eevoting problems around the country in real-time.

Since there was an effort to create an iPhone application underway, I
decided to "port" that work to Android. I've been involved in mobile
software and Java for a long time, and thought this seemed like a
fantastic application that made a lot of sense. After a full day of
hacking yesterday, and a few hours of testing (I promise), the first
release of the app was done. I hate calling things 1.0, so I didn -
VoteReport for Android 0.9.4 is released and available in the Android
Market. If you have a T-Mobile G1, just open the Market application
and search for otereportor simply browse under the Productivity
category. You can also download it direct at: 
Code will be up soon (this is an open source effort).

This is very simple app with a powerful concept, but it does do some
more complicated things under the cover (location lookup, web
integration, REST calls, etc). I am working on a GeoRSS parser (for ) to generate a MapView overlay, but
that might take a few more hours.

Read on if you'd like at: 
Otherwise, if you are in the US, please check out the entire project: 



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