How to access an Activites Menu programatically?

by Carl Whalley » Wed, 19 Aug 2009 03:31:12 GMT

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 I'm writing unit tests in a class derived from
ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2. I know I can access anything defined
in the applications XML using findViewById(), but this application
defines its Menu programmatically. I'm trying to access that menu so I
can fire click() events to it in my tests the same way I'm doing with
Button Views etc.

To illustrate, this works fine and shows I can control/test various

public void testMyAppEdit() {
        MyAppActivity main = (MyAppActivity) getActivity();

        EditText val1Edit = (EditText) main.findViewById(;

        Button addButton = (Button) main.findViewById(;

        TextView resultText = (TextView) main.findViewById(;

        assertEquals("Result incorrect", resultText.getText(), "3");

But I need to do the same to fire Menu events:

public void testMyAppAboutBox() {
        MyAppActivity main = (MyAppActivity) getActivity();

        // Huh? this menu has no id, and no obvious way of accessing it...
        //Menu menu = (Menu) main.findViewById(id);


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How to access an Activites Menu programatically?

by Carl Whalley » Wed, 19 Aug 2009 18:11:04 GMT

 hanks - just establishing theres no framework way to get menus.
So I did as you suggested and there still some wierdness. I added a
getter for the menu but it always returns null:

public class MyAppActivityTest extends
ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2< MyAppActivity> {

public void testMyAppAboutBox() {
MyAppActivity main = (MyAppActivity) getActivity();
Menu menu = main.getMenu();

Could it be the Activities onCreateOptionsMenu() hasn't been called?
Is there more I should be doing in my test to help establish the
Activities runtime context?

On a different thread (:-)), I tried this:

public void testAbout() {
MainActivity main = (MainActivity) getActivity();

Menu menu = main.getMenu();
menu.performIdentifierAction(, 0);

Hoping the key event would cause the menu to be inflated, but that
just causes:

java.lang.RuntimeException: This method can not be called from the
main application thread


On Aug 18, 8:59pm, Dianne Hackborn <> wrote:

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