extending soft-keyboard with language switching support?

by Henrik » Fri, 23 Apr 2010 08:03:47 GMT

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 I just got my HTC Desire with Android 2.1, and the first problem I'm
running into a lot is when using the visual keyboard.  Being
multilingual and having friends who only speak one particular
language, there's no single 'correct' input language setting for the
word prediction feature, so I started looking into how much work it
might be to extend the keyboard with two rather basic, though
essential, features:

1)  Showing the current language selection, so that I don't have to
type stuff, getting it mis-corrected, then discover the language
setting must be wrong, go into the settings, select to change
language, select language, etc... until I get back, erase the old text
and start over. That gets old real quick..

2)  Being able to simple change whatever language is used for the word
prediction by just having a button on the keyboard doing that
directly, i.e. a button that just cycles through the 'relevant'
languages with the key label showing which is currently active.

Improving it even further, one might imagine:

3)  Having a per contact setting, noting the word-prediction language
that should be used when communicating with that user.

But searching through the docs, I'm slowly coming to the realization
that the input text language setting may not even be available to be
changed outside the system settings dialog, making this impossible to
implement - is that correct?

Henrik Gram


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