TimePicker theme

by Michael Barber » Fri, 22 Oct 2010 05:35:34 GMT

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 I have been searching furiously for a way to change the TimePicker,
all I can find are older posts and I know Android's came a long way
since 2009, so here goes, how can I theme/change the TimePicker

in the source code I have found:

  81      * @param context Parent.
  82      * @param theme the theme to apply to this dialog
  83      * @param callBack How parent is notified.
  84      * @param hourOfDay The initial hour.
  85      * @param minute The initial minute.
  86      * @param is24HourView Whether this is a 24 hour view, or AM/
  87      */
  88     public TimePickerDialog(Context context,
  89             int theme,
  90             OnTimeSetListener callBack,
  91             int hourOfDay, int minute, boolean is24HourView) {
  92         super(context, theme);

So, I'm a total newbie to android coding, but is there a way to change
this theme variable? if so, what do I feed it? should I make a program
like a service in the background that just intercepts the dialog and
inserts my theme or what? I know my questions are pretty vauge but any
help would be appreciated!


TimePicker theme

by TreKing » Sat, 23 Oct 2010 02:14:49 GMT


Extend the class, override the constructor, and send it whatever you want

ID of a theme resource, I assume.

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