Google: Please release below top 20 apps from ADC2 so we don't have to change package names to submit to Android Market

by Digital Dandelion » Wed, 11 Nov 2009 03:42:34 GMT

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 Please. Because if I have to change my package name, it won't be
something nice. ;)


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1. Emulator : INTERNET access problem


I don't manage to use the Android Emulator with INTERNET access, for
instance when requesting:

Neither its "-http-proxy" nor its "dns-server" option helped me : I
reproduce the following issue but I am not sure weather this is the
root cause... :

Did anyone manage to access INTERNET with the Emulator ?
Do you know how to avoid/hack these HTTP GET failures(*) ?

Any help on this item being very much appreciated,

Best Regards.

(*) : it sounds a bit similar to when an application does not set the
"android.permission.INTERNET" permission but I don't think that this
permission should apply to the Emulator..., right ?

Platform : SDK Android 2.0.1
OS : Windows XP

2. Market Access for Android-on-Freerunner Project

Hello guys,

we from the AoF (Android-on-Freerunner) project are working since few
months to let cupcake (and now eclair) work on the Openmoko
The project is advancing and also the community.
Thats why the needs of the community is rising too.
People are asking to get access to the market place of android.

But we don't have access because there is not market app for the
freerunner (armv4t).
Therefore I am asking what can we do to get access, or is it there a
way that Openmoko Freerunner will get a official google mobile phone?

Thanks in advance.

Greetings Serdar


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