how to connect adb to a target that uses DHCP to get IP addr

by David Turner » Wed, 29 Apr 2009 06:59:39 GMT

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 No, ADB doesn't support this at all at the moment. The easy fix is to
configure your DHCP server to
always return the same IP address for your board, based in its MAC address.



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1. Am I missing something really dumb.

I have a service in an APK which starts a Thread which has the following 
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            Intent intent = new Intent("com.funkyandroid.TEST", dataURI);
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In a different APK I have the following in the application section manifest;

        <receiver    android:name=".Receiver" android:exported="true">
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        Log.i("Receiver", "Hello Momma!!!!!");

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 dalvikvmerror in post-zygote initialization
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