Why did binder report transaction failed?

by edwardlee.2002 » Thu, 30 Jul 2009 01:21:00 GMT

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 i All,

I am porting ril in android. Phone call is fine and I also can send
sms.But rild will crash when there is a sms come and binder report
transaction failed.

Here is radio log.

Any help will be appreciated.

D/RILJ ( 1224): [0079]> SIGNAL_STRENGTH
D/RIL ( 1254): onRequest: SIGNAL_STRENGTH
D/AT ( 1254): AT> AT+CSQ
D/AT ( 1254): AT< +CSQ: 9,99
D/AT ( 1254): AT< OK
D/RILJ ( 1224): [0079]< SIGNAL_STRENGTH {9, 99}
D/AT ( 1254): AT< +CMT: "",26
D/AT ( 1254): AT<
D/GSM ( 1224): SMS SC address: +8613800210500
D/GSM ( 1224): SMS SC timestamp: 1248789835000
D/GSM ( 1224): New SMS Message Received
D/RILJ ( 1224): [0080]> SMS_ACKNOWLEDGE
D/RIL ( 1254): onRequest: SMS_ACKNOWLEDGE
D/AT ( 1254): AT> AT+CNMA=1
D/GSM ( 1260): SMS SC address: +8613800210500
D/GSM ( 1260): SMS SC timestamp: 1248789835000
D/AT ( 1254): AT< OK
D/RILJ ( 1224): [0080]< SMS_ACKNOWLEDGE
W/RILC ( 1254): EOS. Closing command socket.
<6>binder: 802:821 transaction failed 29189, size 168-0
<6>binder: 802:821 transaction failed 29189, size 168-0
I/RILC ( 1254): libril: new connection
I/RILC ( 1254): RIL Daemon version: android reference-ril 1.0
I/RILJ ( 1389): Connected to 'rild' socket
D/RILJ ( 1389): Radio ON @ init; reset to OFF
D/RILJ ( 1389): [0000]> RADIO_POWER
D/RIL ( 1254): onRequest: RADIO_POWER
W/GSM ( 1389): Can't open /system/etc/voicemail-conf.xml
W/GSM ( 1389): Can't open /system/etc/spn-conf.xml
D/GSM ( 1389): [DSAC DEB] registerForPsRestrictedEnabled
D/GSM ( 1389): [DSAC DEB] registerForPsRestrictedDisabled
E/RILJ ( 1389): Hit EOS reading message length
I/RILJ ( 1389): Disconnected from 'rild' socket
D/RILJ ( 1389): [0000]< RADIO_POWER error:
I/RIL ( 1411): Opening tty device /dev/pts/0
D/RILJ ( 1389): [0000]> GET_CURRENT_CALLS
D/RILJ ( 1389): [0000]< GET_CURRENT_CALLS error:
D/GSM ( 1389): Poll ServiceState done: oldSS=[1 home null null
null ] newSS=[1 home null null null ] oldGprs=1 newGprs=1
oldType=unknown newType=unknown
D/GSM ( 1389): [DataConnectionTracker] Radio is off and clean up
all connection
D/GSM ( 1389): [DataConnectionTracker] Clean up connection due to
D/GSM ( 1389): [DataConnection] Stop poll NetStat
D/GSM ( 1389): [DataConnectionTracker] setState: IDLE
D/GSM ( 1389): [DataConnection] Stop poll NetStat
D/GSM ( 1389): [DataConnectionTracker] ***trySetupData due to
D/GSM ( 1389): [DSAC DEB] trySetupData with mIsPsRestricted=false
D/GSM ( 1389): [DataConnectionTracker] trySetupData: Not ready for
data: dataState=IDLE gprsState=1 sim=false UMTS=false phoneState=IDLE
dataEnabled=true roaming=false dataOnRoamingEnable=false ps
D/GSM ( 1389): [GsmSimCard] Broadcasting intent
I/RILJ ( 1389): Connected to 'rild' socket
I/RILC ( 1411): libril: new connection
I/RILC ( 1411): RIL Daemon version: Enf

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