Answers for a lot of the SDK/Eclipse install and first app. questions

by Kevin » Mon, 03 Nov 2008 05:39:15 GMT

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 I have seen a lot of questions on getting the SDK up and running.
While poking around the net for something else I came across these  
wonderful webcasts and thought I would share them. I have not tried  
the methods on the webcasts as they are for Windows. I am on a mac but  
I watched a couple and it looks to accomplish the same thing with a  
couple (very)slight deviations.
Heres the link: 


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hi group

i have a service class written which gives notification(Toast dialog)
on every life cycle method call back. when i run my application all
works well.

but when run this service class from my test project the toast message
are not displayed.

it give the following log for the toast message

08-05 18:05:42.097: INFO/TestRunner(1763): started:
08-05 18:05:42.317: INFO/NotificationService(581): enqueueToast$stub$pr...@43703378
08-05 18:05:47.366: INFO/NotificationService(581): enqueueToast$stub$pr...@436faa18
08-05 18:05:52.407: INFO/NotificationService(581): enqueueToast$stub$pr...@43720e40
08-05 18:05:57.443: INFO/TestRunner(1763): finished:
08-05 18:05:57.447: INFO/TestRunner(1763): passed:

i want that the toast message should also be displayed on subsequent
calls to life cycle methods


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