Answers for a lot of the SDK/Eclipse install and first app. questions

by Kevin » Mon, 03 Nov 2008 05:39:15 GMT

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 I have seen a lot of questions on getting the SDK up and running.
While poking around the net for something else I came across these  
wonderful webcasts and thought I would share them. I have not tried  
the methods on the webcasts as they are for Windows. I am on a mac but  
I watched a couple and it looks to accomplish the same thing with a  
couple (very)slight deviations.
Heres the link: 


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1. Eclipse ADT Feature Request: Desktop Display & Control

Not sure if this is the right group/forum....

We use dot pocket ( extensively for
development and tech support of our PocketPC apps.  It allows us
troubleshoot our app directly on the customer's USB-tethered PPC
device via VNC session.  Its fantastic.

I just discovered that the ADT plugin has a Screen Capture function.
It would be awesome to have remote control of a USB-tethered Android
device.  It looks like most of the important parts are already in
place: framebuffer scraping, file management/navigation, & apk
install.  The last bit would be injecting key events and mouse click
events from the PC through the ADB to the Android handheld.

Any possibility that this is on the radar?



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