How to enable USB Tethering?

by Pankaj » Mon, 27 Sep 2010 00:36:07 GMT

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I am facing problem in getting USB tethering option in Settings View.
I am using 2.6.32 based kernel, which is working well with android 2.2
(Froyo). I have enabled Android rndis gadget driver in kernel but I am
not able to see USB tethering Option in the settings view.

My doubt is what all option we need to enable in the kernel for using
USB tethering. I am not able to find why USB tethering option itself
missing from Settings View.

Thanks and Regards,


How to enable USB Tethering?

by Peter Teoh » Mon, 27 Sep 2010 02:08:31 GMT

 I have no experience here, but can offer some tips:

a.   From: 

which the kernel driver patch for enabling USB tethering in iPhone,
perhaps u can do some analogical deduction?

For example, perhaps few of these:

 obj-$(CONFIG_USB_HSO)          += usb/
 obj-$(CONFIG_USB_USBNET)        += usb/
 obj-$(CONFIG_USB_ZD1201)        += usb/
+obj-$(CONFIG_USB_IPHETH)        += usb/

b.   as pointed out in the same URL, check this out: 


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How to enable USB Tethering?

by Gururaj BO » Mon, 27 Sep 2010 09:00:22 GMT #50088495a278611d

may help you. tell how to get tethering in settings.

Gururaja B O

> website: 

How to enable USB Tethering?

by Mike Lockwood » Mon, 27 Sep 2010 12:32:01 GMT

 In addition to enabling RNDIS in the kernel config, you need to
configure it in the USB setup in your board file.  See: ;a=blob_plain;f=arch/arm/mach-msm/board-mahimahi.c;hb=android-msm-2.6.32

for an example.


Mike Lockwood
Google android team


How to enable USB Tethering?

by Pankaj » Tue, 05 Oct 2010 05:34:14 GMT

 Mike thanks for reply.

I checked my platform and board specific files. Code related to rndis
device and platform specific is present in my board specific files.

binded also.

Even then in Settings View I am not able to see "Tethering and
Wireless HotSpots" option.

Pankaj Dubey


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