playing YUV files from generated by the PVplayer test

by George C » Wed, 21 Apr 2010 06:30:50 GMT

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I am trying  to visualize the out put of PVPlayer unit tests.
I ran the PVPlayer  Test Case 1. It looks that it ran successfully.
Then I tried to play/visualize  the output file generated by this test
i.e. "test_player_openplaystop_test_mp4_video.dat". My understanding
is that  the output is a YUV 420 file, however the tools I used
( YUVPlayer Deluxe and YUVTools3.0 ) cannot play it or more precisely
the output displayed is bogus (nothing to do with the input test file
test.mp4, just a bunch of distorted colors). The same happened when I
ran other tests (for instance Test 54). Any suggestion why these files
cannot be played/visualized?




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