Not using a WakeLock so why does the device stay awake?

by MrChaz » Tue, 13 Apr 2010 17:16:57 GMT

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 iirc, that flag means the system gets a wake lock for the life of the
activity for you.


Not using a WakeLock so why does the device stay awake?

by westmeadboy » Tue, 13 Apr 2010 17:19:20 GMT

 Oh I see.

So if the user presses Home and then uses the power button, then it
*could* fall asleep (in the case where the activity has been killed by
the system)?


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Not using a WakeLock so why does the device stay awake?

by westmeadboy » Wed, 14 Apr 2010 15:45:23 GMT

 Just to confirm: the device is not plugged into USB and I'm not using
any broadcasts or broadcast receivers.

When I do plug in and start the service these are the wake locks:

  SCREEN_DIM_WAKE_LOCK           'StayOnWhilePluggedIn Screen Dim'
activated (minState=1)
  PARTIAL_WAKE_LOCK              'StayOnWhilePluggedIn Partial'
activated (minState=0)

and then when I homescreen, other app, turn the screen off (as
describe above) but leave the device plugged in, the third one

So I would assume that when I unplug the USB, the first two to
disappear also...

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Not using a WakeLock so why does the device stay awake?

by THill » Fri, 23 Apr 2010 03:51:12 GMT

 hanks Dianne, that makes sense.

I didn't realize there was essentially one wake lock that the kernel &
applications layer use, so when all apps give up the wake lock, they
will still get awaken when the cpu wakes to handle kernel processes.

This explains why the 1-second timer pops occurred at 1 second
intervals before & after the sleep, and at very erratic intervals
during the sleep.

I saw the same behavior on a similar test case with an AsyncTask
sending messages through a handler to the UI. Neither the task, nor
the handler, was completely frozen during the sleep, but the task was
taking longer to complete during that time.

Unfortunately, my production app has specific power usage constraints
imposed by the manufacturer/carrier (especially with the device
asleep), and it doesn't seem there is a good way to make sure the app
completely goes dormant when the device sleeps. Any suggestions are


On Apr 22, 10:58am, Dianne Hackborn <> wrote:
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