Target 1.1 with early look SDK

by Zach Hobbs » Wed, 15 Apr 2009 00:06:07 GMT

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 Is it safe to use the 1.5 early look SDK to build production apps for
1.1 targets?  I want to start developing a cupcake branch of my
software, just wondering if I'll need to switch back to using the
stable SDK for production builds...


Target 1.1 with early look SDK

by David Turner » Wed, 15 Apr 2009 00:34:15 GMT

 That's certainly the goal of this preview SDK. The 1.1 system images
provided with it are the same ones than those of the official 1.1 Android

Note that networking doesn't work in the emulator if you use 1.1 images with
the preview SDK. This is a bug that is currently
being addressed (by modifying the emulator, rather than changing the 1.1
system images). Also activityCreator has been replaced by the
"android" wrapper tool so the build process is going to be very slightly
different if you don't use the Eclipse plugin.


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