notepad tutorial problem with Input configuration changed

by thisnameagain » Sat, 13 Dec 2008 03:25:37 GMT

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 When switching from portrait to landscape view when you are creating a
new note, i.e. revealing the keyboard, causes the application to
unexpectedly stop. Has anyone else had this problem? have you fixed


notepad tutorial problem with Input configuration changed

by radiolistener » Wed, 17 Dec 2008 07:43:22 GMT

 Hi ThisNameAgain,

I don't have a G1 yet, so I can't say I've tried it.  But I've done a
lot with the Notepad example.  If you are on Exercise2, you may want
to forge ahead to exercise3 and see if that solves it.  With exercise
2 it is hobbled, in that it can not save state if it loses focus.
With exercise 3, it has the ability to save state, and is a much more
powerful application.

I have completed exercise1 and exercise2 in video representation on my
site and I am now doing the Ground work on exercise3.

That's my best advice I can give, hopefully it proves helpful.

Best of Luck,



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