Only one line of output with DataInputStream.readLine() in android

by Michael » Mon, 13 Apr 2009 12:08:27 GMT

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 Hi group,

I use the following code in a java-program on my desktop with sun-
jdk- to read a html file on my webserver. I get several lines
of output as expected. But when I use it in an android-app, the whole
html file is read in only one line.

Where could be the difference between the desktop and android
implementation? Do I have to change something like the encoding or
linebreak character?

URL url = new URL(" http://mysite.intern/test.html" ;);
DataInputStream dis = new DataInputStream(new BufferedInputStream
        while ((s = dis.readLine()) != null){



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As I wrote in my previous reply:

Try creating a ContentProvider to serve the image, and see if you have
better luck with a content:// URL.

Not if your image is only in an asset. The image viewer won't have
rights to access it.

Not directly, but you can use the 2D graphics API (e.g., Canvas and
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Hello all,
I apologize if this is beating a dead horse, but I have been through
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B) If it only works on some versions of the platform - which versions?
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