MPEG-4 vendor plugin data buffers

by HV » Wed, 16 Jun 2010 19:37:20 GMT

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 Hi Folks,

 I have completed the plugin part and calling my decoder library using
the incoming buffers, but I have run into a strange issue. The 1st
buffer starts off OK with the VOL start code and the associated start
code. But after the VOL data ends, I was expecting the VOP start code/
data to start, but I see some junk (I've compared against the actual
bit-stream). Any idea why this is so?

 However, my decoder is able to decipher the VOL data correctly and
then I start reading the next buffer which indeed starts off with the
VOP header but the data does NOT point to the 1st I-Frame at all. It's
way off somewhere (again compared against the input file). I'm
guessing this problem will go away if I can fix the 1st issue (no VOP
start code following the VOL data).

 Also, I see that all the buffers (I get 3 calls into EmptyThisBuffer)
are of the same size (80 bytes). Would appreciate any feedback

Best regards


MPEG-4 vendor plugin data buffers

by HV » Wed, 16 Jun 2010 22:11:30 GMT

 My bad on the size, I was using nSize instead of nFilledLen and hence
was always getting 80. With that change, I see that to being with i
get 32 bytes and then there is a huge chunk coming in which is indeed
the VOP data, but it is still not associated with the 1st I-frame!!

Next I took out my .cfg file and let the PV software based decoder
take over & printed the 1st few bytes of the input data. To my
surprise, I see the same data there as well. Is the MPEG-4 demux is
manipulating data here??



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MPEG-4 vendor plugin data buffers

by HV » Thu, 17 Jun 2010 16:06:43 GMT

 I checked with multiple clips and see the same behavior (the PV s/w
decoder does NOT get the 1st I-Frame). That said, what I'm confused
about is, how is it able to display the 1st I-Frame in the thumbnail
(within gallery)??



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