Issue after adding a new jar's path to BOOTCLASSPATH in init.rc

by Tiger » Sat, 27 Feb 2010 01:32:34 GMT

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 After adding my audio.jar's path to BOOTCLASSPATH in init.rc, Zygote
got an error and crashed:
    I/dalvikvm(  823): DexOpt: not all deps represented
    E/dalvikvm(  823): /system/framework/audio.jar odex has stale
    I/dalvikvm(  823): Zip is good, but no classes.dex inside, and no
valid .odex file in the same directory
Does anyone encounter this issue?Sincerely appreciate your help.


Issue after adding a new jar's path to BOOTCLASSPATH in init.rc

by fadden » Sat, 27 Feb 2010 05:06:16 GMT


The optimized DEX files have inter-file dependencies.  All .odex files
depend on the bootstrap class entries, so if you add or remove entries
from the bootclasspath you must re-run dexopt over all files.

This happens automatically on -userdebug and -eng developer builds,
but -user builds don't have the un-optimized versions of the APKs
sitting around.  So it just falls over.

The best plan is to leave bootclasspath alone.

See also dalvik/docs/dexopt.html in the source tree.


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