how do you guys feel about the develop tools?

by billconan » Thu, 22 Jul 2010 02:24:56 GMT

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 hello guys,

i really like android and hope that it can surpass iphone in the near
future. I like it, because it's open.

But i really don't like the develop tools of android. it is so slow
and buggy.

Specifically, I don't like these two things:
Android emulator.

Sometimes, the debugger tool cannot show the log.
Eclipse cannot install apk if the there is a apk with the same name
occasionally Eclipse fails to pack the resource files correctly.
I can write a long problem list of these two.

everyone can tell the difference by simply playing xcode and iphone
sdk for awhile. one click on the build and run in xcode, the iphone
simulator pops up immediately. and the xcode debugging tools are so
easy to use.

develop tools are so important, even more important than the platform
itself, if not as equal important.
I think the android team should pay more attention to that, say,
improve the emulator performance and provide some other default ide
other that eclipse. (the QT creator looks good)

in addition, android should be more c++ friendly, because then
millions of c++ projects can be easily ported to android.

eclipse is just so so terrible


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