Froyo officialy untuk HTC Legend kapan

by Edwien Satya » Thu, 18 Nov 2010 13:30:26 GMT

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 2 minggu lalu, kata HTC: *few more weeks*, moga2 bulan ini sudah keluar...

- Legendroid -


Froyo officialy untuk HTC Legend kapan

by Febri Nugraha » Fri, 19 Nov 2010 03:14:04 GMT

 Sudah keluar di europe tuh kalau baca di  disini ya
sabar dan tabah aja kekekeek


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1. Recommendations for 'specialization'.

Hi All,

First of all, I'm very new to Android, installed my first SDK just 3 months 
ago. But given the nature of Java programming in general, it provides one with 
very flexible environment for familiarizing yourself with with it relatively 
quickly. And this holds for Android too (thanks guys, Dianne etc, you've done a 
great job).

But since I have somewhat limited time for doing this, I'm learning Android on 
my spare time while someone else pays my bills, it soonish became quite obvious 
for me Android is huge. And I can't get into level on every area of Android 
programming I wanted to very easily.

Now this leaves me with two options;

1. Start programming an application and force myself to go through services  
and what ever comes on the way.
- This is what I started with at first. Went on with a Facebook Client, which I 
thought would provide me good overall experience on Android development (UI 
basics, network usage/optimization etc etc). But once I found myself reading 
XMPP documentation and writing my own Facebook chat client (I just didn't feel 
comfortable with adding a 500kB readymade jar to my smallish project), I had to 
start thinking is this a good way after all.

2. Find a 'special' domain to concentrate on and do it REALLY WELL.
- This would provide smaller applications, maybe libraries, but gave me good 
insight on how to do certain things and I could concentrate on making them 
flexible/usable for other developers too. Meaning interfaces they can use to 
access my code. Or code itself should be flexible at least.

Problem is, if I'm about to try finding an Android related job one day, should 
I go with the application approach instead? Or could you provide me with some 
examples of general interests, hot topics, I could spend my time on?



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I have an activity with two fragments next to each other. One of them embeds 
a glsurface view and the other one uses "normal" android views. When I turn 
on hardware acceleration on my xoom, the non-gf surface view gets very slow 
when I do stuff like dragging views around. In fact, if I turn off hardware 
acceleration the whole thing is faster. It seems like both views get into 
each others way since they both use the same graphics pipeline. Of course I 
can turn off hw acceleration for this specific view, but I wonder if there's 
a way to have both views run smoothly (the glsurfaceview runs smooth, so 
maybe it takes up too many graphic hw calls rendering? can this be limited 
that both views kind of share the pipeline?)



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