How to pack a config file into my apk package

by Ke Wu » Wed, 21 Apr 2010 18:21:42 GMT

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 Hi all
     As you know, an app often has some configurations, I need to save these
configurations into a file, and in my app I could change these
configurations. In other words, I need a file to take all my config data,
and in my app, I could read/write this file as I want.

I've searched document and mailing list archive, and have not found the
exact solution.
1. SharedPreferences could not solve : It could only do with simple
key/value pairs, my configuration data is more complex .
2. file in /assets , /res/raw  could not solve: It seems that the file in
these position would be read only

I've found a way, it almost solved my problem, but still not.
Our code could deal with the file in /data/data/package-name/files on the
target file system, this is good to me, but how could I put my file in this
directory after my app has been installed? My app need to read these
configurations when it starts.

So, my question is how could I pack my data file into my apk package, and
then my app could read/write this file when it is run.

Thanks in advance.



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