Why must WebView display local files via a ContentProvider?

by Biosopher » Thu, 06 Nov 2008 02:02:54 GMT

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 In case you hadn't heard, WebView won't display local files directly
via loadUrl("file://YOUR_PATH/file.html).  All the solutions create a
ContentProvider to access the local files and send them to a WebView
using ContentProvider.openFile().

This approach seems less secure than simply sending my locally created
application files files directly to WebView.  My app creates and
stores the files in my sandboxed local file directory so they should
be inaccessible to anyone and thus secure.

I know the standard response for why this is:  "That WebView's access
to local files would be insecure".

But why is it safer to wrap files into a ContentProvider and then feed
them to WebView when the purpose of a ContentProviders is mostly to
share content between apps.. .which I won't be doing?

So my questions:
1) What was wrong with the local file solution for WebView.loadUrl().
2) Why is it safer to wrap my local files into a ContentProvider?


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