the removal of android drivers from the staging tree

by » Mon, 15 Feb 2010 16:48:37 GMT

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I have read greg kh post about the removal of android from the
Linux kernel: 

He says:
"This means that any drivers written for Android hardware platforms,
can not get merged into the main kernel tree because they have
dependencies on code that only lives in Google's kernel tree, causing
it to fail to build in the tree."

I tool a look at the drivers which he removed, from under

I tried to build them in an ordinary linux tree :
and most of them I could build.
For example, logger.c , or binder.c.

So I don't understand - did he talk about other drivers ?  about
which driver does he talk ?
why did he removed these drivers, under
He said:
"In order to get a working Android system, you need the new lock type
they have created, as well as hooks in the core system for their
security model."

I grepped under drivers/staging/android for these locks (should be
wakelock) and could not find any. Also I cannot find these security

Could someone please elaborate ?



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