WidgetLayout inside PreferenceActivity displays new then old bitmap...

by Seb » Sat, 24 Oct 2009 00:01:46 GMT

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I have a PreferenceActivity designed with a .xml file
Inside the .xml, I have:


The widgetLayout xml file is a linearlayout with a ImageView inside.
I have set a default drawable src attribute to the ImageView:


When launching, the PreferenceActivity is displayed. The test drawable
as well. Everything is ok.

When I click on the Preference, I have specify to modify the bitmap
inside this widgetLayout as following:

ImageView img = (ImageView) findViewById(R.id.picture_img);

The newBitmap is then well displayed inside the widgetLayout.
I scroll the Preference list (and hide the line that own the
widgetLayout) and then scrolling back to make the line reappear.
Then, the old bitmap is displayed ("@drawable/test")  -----> KO, it
should still display the new bitmap.

I tried to add:

But nothing changed...

Can someone help me please ?



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My question is: is it possible to do this on android? If yes, then how
do i do that? Am i missing some library or some other thing.

OR if it is not possible, can you guys point to me on these pages?



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