Android like Sponsor

by Chihau Chau » Fri, 29 May 2009 05:41:45 GMT

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 I would to know if Android can be a sponsor of a national open source event.

Who I can contact about that?

Chihau Chau


Android like Sponsor

by Marco Nelissen » Fri, 29 May 2009 06:00:55 GMT

 Android is an open source platform, not an organization. Are you thinking of
the Open Handset Alliance?


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1. map not api visible

hi all,

so i tried to update a google map through httprequest.

However, I get a " org.apache.http.client.HttpResponseException:

The initial authorization gives a 200 OK. and I got my authtoken.

I then tried the url on a browser and i got a "map not api visible". I
checked that the property api_visible is 0.

 I tried to create another map and make it public. The api_visible
property still remain 0.

How do i turn on this property or resolve these issues?

Has anybody update the google map using http request before?



2. AudioTrack - incorrect playback sample rate

Hello, I'm trying to play raw PCM data from file and got double speed
playback when I pass actual sample rate to AudioTrack constructor.

int main()
    using namespace android;

    inFile = open("/dlpcm.s16", O_RDONLY);
    if (!inFile) {
        LOGE("inFile open failed: %s", strerror(errno));
        return 0;

    int streamType = AudioSystem::ENFORCED_AUDIBLE;
    uint32_t sampleRate = 44100;
    uint32_t afLatency;
    int afFrameCount, afSampleRate, minBufCount;
    AudioSystem::getOutputLatency(&afLatency, streamType);
    AudioSystem::getOutputFrameCount(&afFrameCount, streamType);
    AudioSystem::getOutputSamplingRate(&afSampleRate, streamType);
    minBufCount = afLatency / ((1000 * afFrameCount)/afSampleRate);
    if (minBufCount < 2) minBufCount = 2;
    int minFrameCount = (afFrameCount*sampleRate*minBufCount)/
    LOGD("afLatency=%u, afFrameCount=%d, afSampleRate=%d, minBufCount=
%d, minFrameCount=%d",
         afLatency, afFrameCount, afSampleRate, minBufCount,

    AudioTrack *aTrack = new AudioTrack(streamType, sampleRate,

    if (aTrack == NULL || aTrack->initCheck() != NO_ERROR) {
        LOGE("!aTrack || initCheck failed");
        return 0;

    aTrack->setVolume(0.5f, 0);
    //aTrack->setSampleRate(sampleRate/2); // when i uncomment this
line, i get normal-speed playback
    LOGD("AudioTrack ready");

    struct stat fStat;
    fstat(inFile, &fStat);

    ssize_t bufSize = minFrameCount;
    char *buf = new char[fStat.st_size];
    ssize_t readed = read(inFile, buf, fStat.st_size);

    while(readed > 0) {
        ssize_t written = aTrack->write(buf, bufSize);
        if (written != bufSize) {
            LOGD("written(%ld)!=bufSize(%ld) %s", written, bufSize,
        readed -= written;
        buf += written;


    return 0;

This is code for testing Audio HAL (ALSA w/patches) and it's possible
error is somewhere in drivers. However, playback from Music app, games
etc is correct without 'sampleRate/2' quirk.

Any idea why this happening?


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