How to make my work in the HTC dream unlock developer phone?

by Weber » Thu, 22 Apr 2010 09:01:49 GMT

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I have the same problem with Bo
There is codes in reference-ril.c
if ( fd >= 0 && !memcmp( s_device_path, "/dev/ttyS",
9 ) ) {<<<<maybe ttyS should be changed to ttyHS or ...
/* disable echo on serial ports */
struct termios ios;
tcgetattr( fd, &ios );
ios.c_lflag = 0; /* disable ECHO, ICANON, etc...
tcsetattr( fd, TCSANOW, &ios );
in fact,I have changed '"ttyS" ,9' to'"ttyUSB,11"'(ttyUSB is my
device file ) ,but it still not work
Could anyone tell me how to do?
On 49 14 Bo <> wrote:


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